Guiding you throughout your academic career at Agnes Scott will be your own personal Board of Advisors.

You will consult with your board members to make informed decisions about how best to cultivate the leadership skills, global perspective and breadth of knowledge necessary to move through the world with confidence.

An exciting and unique component of Summit is the Board of Advisors. Board members provide students with individualized, expert advice to help them chart a successful course through college and beyond.
Elizabeth Kiss
President of Agnes Scott College

Let's break it down.

Before you even arrive on campus, you will be assigned a Summit Advisor (1) who will help you navigate the particulars of the Summit experience, from your first-year foundational courses to your global learning or leadership development specialization. During orientation, you will also be partnered with a Peer Advisor (2) for your first semester, who will help enrich your academic life and your social life at Agnes Scott. After you declare your major—usually by the end of your second year—you will be assigned your own Faculty Advisor (3), whose job will be to help you make the most of your chosen field of study. Finally, in your third year at Agnes Scott, you will select your own Career Mentor (4). This will be an alumna or a person who has worked in your target industry (or both) who can help prepare you for the professional world.

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