“Global” at Agnes Scott College means far more than “study abroad.”

Make no mistake: you will have plenty of opportunities to explore various parts of the world—both close to campus and far afield. In fact, a distinctive feature of SUMMIT is that all students participate in a travel course during their very first year. This and the rest of the SUMMIT curriculum is carefully designed to provide much more than a tourist-level encounter with unfamiliar cultures. Instead, students build intercultural competencies invaluable in the workplace and beyond and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to address issues that affect people across the globe, regardless of where, in the world, they might be.
Ultimately, we want our students to become global citizens, ready for the world.
Philip Ojo
Kathy ’68 and Lawrence Ashe Professor of French

Through SUMMIT, you will participate in:

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Explore the larger world with other Scotties through on- and off-campus events focused on topics and issues on a global scale.

GBL 101 and GBL 102

Engage in the issues, ideas and concepts that shape the world we live in, then critically apply what you've learned in an 8-day cultural immersion with your GBL 102 faculty member.

Study Abroad

Whether for two weeks with a faculty leader or a semester on your own, stretch your wings with the world of study-abroad opportunites offered at Agnes Scott.

Global Learning Specialization

Specialize in global learning through further study-abroad experiences and coursework. With this specialization you'll earn a notation on your transcript.

Where Scotties Study:

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