Mentored Research

Small class sizes, brilliant faculty and numerous hands-on learning opportunities make Agnes Scott an ideal place to flex your research muscles.

This is the DNA of Agnes Scott. Literally.

The Mary Brown Bullock Science Center features a three-story mural of the DNA of Agnes Irvine Scott, for whom the college was named. Scott's great-great-great-granddaughter, Lisa Harvey Lepovetsky ’73, provided the DNA sample.

Intellectual curiosity is the norm.

The sensation of perception. Zoonotic diseases (you know, the ones contracted by humans from animals). The effects of endometriosis on indigenous populations. The Walking Dead and the decay of Southern culture. How children can learn science skills by playing with dinosaurs on the Internet. These are just a few of the research topics Agnes Scott students are exploring.

In fact, most Agnes Scott students will conduct research before they graduate. Many will present the results at SpARC—Agnes Scott's Spring Annual Research Conference (more than 200 Scotties presented last year); others will present at regional and national conferences; still others will publish in peer-reviewed journals. All will gain valuable experience that will prepare them for graduate school or the careers of their choice.

Every year, Scotties present their research during SpARC, our Spring Annual Research Conference.

Here are some standouts from past conferences.

Black Holes

Ashley Zauderer ’02 studied astronomy at Agnes. Now, she studies black holes at Harvard.

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Brown Bears

Lori-Beth Allen drew on her internship experience at the Georgia Aquarium to conduct research on Sun Bears at the Atlanta Zoo.

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Biased Media

Asha Boston created a documentary called The Dinner Table as a response to negative stereotypes about black women portrayed in reality TV. The film features footage of “young black millennial women sharing their stories of success, mentorship and inspiration.”

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