Black Cat Week, Black Rings and the Ringing of the Bell—at Agnes Scott, traditions are, well, a tradition.

Just a few of our time-honored Scottie traditions include:

Black Cat Week

What began in 1915 as a prank night between first-year students and sophomores is now a week-long celebration marking the end of orientation. Decorating the quad in your class colors, a bonfire, a field day and a dance are just a few of the week’s festivities.

Class Rings

During the Sophomore Ring Ceremony, Scotties are given their black onyx class rings. The rings are inscribed with the letters “ASC” and your class year. Some Scotties never take theirs off.

Ringing the Bell

Every time a Scottie gets a job or is accepted into a graduate program, she rings the bell in our campus bell tower and signs her name to it, celebrating and commemorating her accomplishment.

The Honor System

Perhaps our most important tradition, the Honor System is a way of life at Agnes Scott. By signing your name to our Honor Code as a first-year, you pledge yourself “bound by honor” to be honest, upstanding and accountable to the community.

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